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contrib/lpolzer (form-widget): added funcall-field-widget, plus some minor fixes.

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+          funcall-field-widget
     (:input :type "submit" :value "Submit")))
 (defmethod handle-form-submission ((widget form-widget) &rest args)
+  (declare (ignorable args))
   #+leslie(format t "submit with args: ~S~%" args)
   (let* ((fields (fields-of widget))
          (field-results (mapcar (lambda (field)
                                          (welcome-name-of widget))
                          :frob-welcome-name nil
                          :selected-value (intermediate-value-of widget)
-                         :class (if (error-message-of field) "invalid" "valid")
+                         :class (if (error-message-of widget) "invalid" "valid")
                          :id id))
         ;; TODO
+;; funcall field
+(define-widget funcall-field-widget (field-widget)
+  ((function :type (or symbol function))))
+(defmethod render-field-contents ((form form-widget) (field funcall-field-widget) &key id &allow-other-keys)
+  (funcall (function-of field) form field))
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