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 88d26b07f7c2f22061f1e126311b88f99255e223 pre 0.1
 7b0d8ac2dcb522d056971a77e789088532bf5644 before-make-widget-place-writer-merge
+7b1fea8d1d6f872fb5b927062ee3b6716648089c 0.8


 (in-package :{APPNAME})
-;; Define our application
-(defwebapp '{APPNAME}
-    :description "A web application based on Weblocks")
-;; Set public files directory to {APPNAME}/pub
-(setf *public-files-path* (compute-public-files-path :{APPNAME}))
 ;; Define callback function to initialize new sessions
 (defun init-user-session (comp)
   (setf (composite-widgets comp)


     :ignore-default-dependencies nil ;; accept the defaults
-;; Ensure that your public files directory is setup appropriately
-(eval-when (:load-toplevel :execute)
-  (set-weblocks-default-public-files-path 
-   (compute-public-files-path :{APPNAME})))
 ;; Top level start & stop scripts
 (defun start-{APPNAME} (&rest args)
   "Starts the application by calling 'start-weblocks' with appropriate
-  (apply #'start-weblocks args))
+  (apply #'start-weblocks args)
+  (start-webapp '{APPNAME})
 (defun stop-{APPNAME} ()
   "Stops the application by calling 'stop-weblocks'."
+  (stop-webapp '{APPNAME})

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File contents unchanged.

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