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added date-presentation, date-entry-presentation and corresponding parser

committer: Jan Rychter <>;

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+(in-package #:weblocks)
+(export '(date->utime utime->date utime->dmy
+	  date-parser date-printing-mixin
+	  date-presentation date-entry-presentation))
+(defconstant +seconds-per-day+ (* 24 60 60))
+(defun date->utime (day month year)
+  (encode-universal-time 0 0 0 day month year 0))
+(defun utime->date (time)
+  (multiple-value-bind (sec min hour day mon year a b c) (decode-universal-time time)
+    (declare (ignore sec min hour a b c))
+    (date->utime day mon year)))
+(defun utime->dmy (date)
+  (multiple-value-bind (sec min hour day mon year a b c) (decode-universal-time date 0)
+    (declare (ignore sec min hour a b c))
+    (values day mon year)))
+(defclass date-parser (parser)
+  ()
+  (:default-initargs :error-message nil)
+  (:documentation ""))
+;; Note: this is a very simple parser -- it will try to match three
+;; numbers separated by one of ./- and make them into a date assuming it
+;; is in the format DD.MM.YYYY.
+(defmethod parse-view-field-value ((parser date-parser) value obj
+				   (view form-view) (field form-view-field) &rest args)
+  (declare (ignore args))
+  (if (text-input-present-p value)
+      (multiple-value-bind (matched elements)
+	  (cl-ppcre:scan-to-strings "(\\d+)[\\-/\\.](\\d+)[\\-/\\.](\\d+)" value)
+	(when matched
+	  (let ((date (date->utime (parse-integer (aref elements 0) :junk-allowed t)
+				   (parse-integer (aref elements 1) :junk-allowed t)
+				   (parse-integer (aref elements 2) :junk-allowed t))))
+	    (when date
+	      (values t t date)))))
+      (values t (text-input-present-p value) value)))
+(defclass date-printing-mixin ()
+  ((separator :accessor date-printing-separator :initarg :separator :initform "/")))
+(defmethod print-view-field-value (value (presentation date-printing-mixin)
+				   field view widget obj &rest args)
+  (declare (ignore obj view field args))
+  (let ((separator (date-printing-separator presentation)))
+    (multiple-value-bind (day month year)
+	(utime->dmy value)
+      (format nil "~D~A~D~A~0,4D" day separator month separator year))))
+(defclass date-presentation (text-presentation date-printing-mixin)
+  ()
+  (:documentation "Simple date display"))
+(defclass date-entry-presentation (input-presentation date-printing-mixin)
+  ()
+  (:documentation "Simple date entry"))
 						      :components ((:file "hidden")
                                                                    (:file "choices")
+								   (:file "date")
 								   (:file "radio"
 									  :depends-on ("choices"))
 								   (:file "dropdown"
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