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Slava Akhmechet
Renaming dom-id accessor to avoid clos conflicts on openmcl
update tags
Stephen Compall
Broadly document defview.
Demo: *application-public-dependencies* -> *application-dependencies*
SAFE-APPLY and SAFE-FUNCALL don't need to be macros.
Jan Rychter
missing whitespace in dom-classes caused invalid css class strings to be generated
Jan Rychter
Match metatilities-base interface change in the clsql store Original patch from Ben Mackay <>: I have created a patch to fix this issue in the "clsql oddities" portion of ./src/store/clsql/clsql.lisp.
Resolve parallel proxy patch conflict
Set proxy-oid slot after making associated persistent object.
Add dependency for proxy.lisp
Fix for duplicate persist-object calls
Support for quickforms using the elephant proxy mechanism
Fixed warning in elephant store
Jan Rychter
introduce dom-object-mixin and a uniform dom-id generation scheme
Jan Rychter
fix (authenticatedp) to work according to its documentation
Jan Rychter
eliminate superfluous attributize-name
Jan Rychter
add json-function, make use of it in all places, replacing strings with parenscript as we go
Jan Rychter
new dependencies subsystem
Jan Rychter
implement view validators (:satisfies for views)
Jan Rychter
Predicates supplied as :satisfies parameters in views may now return error messages.
Jan Rychter
Kill *invalid-input-message*, make parsers generate the full error message, fix documentation and tests
Jan Rychter
add an :extra-submit-code parameter to with-html-form
CONTRIB: removed spurious notice in integer-range.lisp; added NUMBER-RANGE presentation and parser.
Stephen Compall
Match metatilities-base interface change.
CONTRIB: added INTEGER-RANGE presentation/parser
CONTRIB: added example for TabView, Panel, Resize.
CONTRIB: fixed dual password parser
added user contributions (YUI, lpolzer)
Making dataedit-drilldown-action a generic function
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