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Slava Akhmechet  committed dda7880

Renaming dom-id accessor to avoid clos conflicts on openmcl

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File src/dom-object.lisp

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 (export '(dom-object-mixin dom-id dom-class dom-classes))
 (defclass dom-object-mixin ()
-  ((dom-id :accessor dom-id
+  ((dom-id :accessor dom-object-mixin-dom-id
 	   :initarg :dom-id
 	   :documentation "The DOM id of an object. Can be a symbol, a
 	   string or nil. When accessed through the 'dom-id' accessor,
 	   will always become a string. Use ensure-dom-id or
 	   widget-name (for widgets) to access its underlying
-   (dom-class :accessor dom-class :initform nil :initarg :dom-class
+   (dom-class :accessor dom-object-mixin-dom-class :initform nil :initarg :dom-class
 	      :documentation "The DOM class (CSS class) of an
 	      object. Set this to a string if you'd like to add an
 	      additional CSS class to the ones generated from the class
 			      until (string-equal (class-name i) 'standard-object)
 			      collect i)))
 		  " "))
-	  (dom-class obj)))
+	  (dom-object-mixin-dom-class obj)))
 (defmethod dom-classes ((obj symbol))
   (format nil "widget function ~A" (attributize-name obj)))

File src/widgets/widget/widget.lisp

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 ;; it is possible to pass :name nil, which simply means that objects
 ;; will render without id in generated HTML.
 (defmethod initialize-instance :after ((obj widget) &key name &allow-other-keys)
-  (when name (setf (dom-id obj) name)))
+  (when name (setf (dom-object-mixin-dom-id obj) name)))
 (defgeneric widget-name (obj)
   (:documentation "An interface to the DOM id of a widget. Provides
   (:method ((obj string)) nil))
 (defmethod (setf widget-name) (name (obj widget))
-  (setf (dom-id obj) name))
+  (setf (dom-object-mixin-dom-id obj) name))
 ;;; Define widget-rendered-p for objects that don't derive from