Zhang Huangbin  committed 977bb78

Fix incorrect function name used to delete binary packages on Debian/Ubuntu/FreeBSD.
Thanks mike _at_ for the patch.

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File iRedMail/conf/global

     # Package management.
     export install_pkg='install_pkg_debian'
-    export remove_pkg='removel_pkg_debian'
+    export remove_pkg='remove_pkg_debian'
     export LIST_ALL_PKGS="dpkg -l |awk '{print $2}'"
     export LIST_FILES_IN_PKG='dpkg -L'
     # Package management.
     export install_pkg='install_pkg_freebsd'
-    export remove_pkg='removel_pkg_freebsd'
+    export remove_pkg='remove_pkg_freebsd'
     export LIST_ALL_PKGS="pkg_info | awk '{print $1}'"
     export LIST_FILES_IN_PKG='pkg_info -L'