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Zhang Huangbin  committed cb1259d

Redirect web home page to webmail by default.

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+    * It now works perfectly on Gentoo.
     * Fixed:
         + Dovecot cannot store realtime quota usage in PostgreSQL.
         + User authentication in Roundcube is case sensitive (login_lc).

File iRedMail/functions/roundcubemail.sh

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     perl -pi -e 's#(</VirtualHost>)#Alias /webmail "$ENV{RCM_HTTPD_ROOT_SYMBOL_LINK}/"\n${1}#' ${HTTPD_SSL_CONF}
     perl -pi -e 's#(</VirtualHost>)#Alias /roundcube "$ENV{RCM_HTTPD_ROOT_SYMBOL_LINK}/"\n${1}#' ${HTTPD_SSL_CONF}
+    # Redirect home page to webmail by default
+    backup_file ${HTTPD_DOCUMENTROOT}/index.html
+    cat > ${HTTPD_DOCUMENTROOT}/index.html <<EOF
+    <head>
+        <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=/mail/">
+    </head>
     echo 'export status_rcm_config_httpd="DONE"' >> ${STATUS_FILE}