Zhang Huangbin  committed dbbe857

Fix typo error in Amavisd config file. Thanks fifawe and bgdev85 at forum.

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File iRedMail/conf/global

 export PROG_NAME='iRedMail'
 export PROG_NAME_LOWERCASE='iredmail'
-export PROG_VERSION='0.7.4-rc2'
+export PROG_VERSION='0.7.4-rc3'
 # -----------------
 # ---- Generic ----

File iRedMail/functions/

         cat >> ${AMAVISD_CONF} <<EOF
 # Uncomment below two lines to lookup virtual mail domains from MySQL database.
 #@lookup_sql_dsn =  (
-    ['DBI:mysql:database=${VMAIL_DB};host=${MYSQL_SERVER};port=${MYSQL_PORT}', '${MYSQL_BIND_USER}', '${MYSQL_BIND_PW}'],
+#    ['DBI:mysql:database=${VMAIL_DB};host=${MYSQL_SERVER};port=${MYSQL_PORT}', '${MYSQL_BIND_USER}', '${MYSQL_BIND_PW}'],
 # For Amavisd-new-2.7.0 and later versions. Placeholder '%d' is available in Amavisd-2.7.0+.
 #\$sql_select_policy = "SELECT domain FROM domain WHERE domain='%d'";