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Newsprint is a vertically-oriented theme for Hugo that focuses on readability (even on mobile) and showcasing photography. It is typeset in Cormorant Garamond by Christian Thalmann (Catharsis Fonts).



Site params

In addition to the standard parameters, the site may be configured by setting any of the following in the main config file:

subtitle: A subtitle or slogan for the site to display under the main title.

Post params

In addition to the standard parameters, individual posts may be configured by setting any of the following parameters:

article_class: Classes to add to the main article element for a post. This affects the header (cover image, title, date, etc.) and the content.

categories: A list of tags for the post (must be iterable).

content_class: Classes to add to the main content section element for a post. This affects only the textual content (not the cover image or title).

cover: An image to be shown above the post. Somewhere around 640 pixels wide looks nice.

cover_alt: The alt attribute of the cover image.

cover_caption: A string to display under the cover image. This does not support HTML as it is set as an attribute on the images parent div.

cover_link: A URL that the image should link too. Commonly this loads a higher resolution version of the image in a lightbox, or links to the image on a photo sharing site.

cover_title: The title attribute of the cover image.

cover_width: A value for the width attribute of the cover image. Setting this value is not required, but doing so lets the browser allocate enough space for the image and may prevent the scroll bar from jumping around after the image loads on slow connections. It is highly recommended that you set this value on all pages with a cover image.

description: A description of the page that will be set in a meta element that can be read by search engines, and overrides the incipit displayed on list pages (unless the excerpt parameter is specified).

excerpt: A string that overrides the incipit displayed on list pages.

nocopy: Remove the authors copyright information from the footer of a post (eg. for posts that specify their own copyright information).

square_thumb: If true, display the thumbnail image without rounding the corners.

thumbnail: A small image to be shown next to the post on list pages. 150×150 versions of the cover image work well.


The stylesheet loaded by newsprint styles the following attributes in special ways:

body article h2[data-accent]: Any h2 element inside of a post is prefixed with a character by default. Manually creating an h2 element with a data-accent attribute can be used to customize this accent character.

.pullquote-right[data-pullquote]: Elements with the pullquote-right class create a pull quote to the right side of the text with the data-pullquote attribute as the pull quote text. This is not part of the main text flow and will not be selected if the user attempts to select the main text; nor will it appear as duplicate text to search engines.

blockquote footer cite: Block quotes with a footer element that contains a cite element will render the cite element prefixed by a long dash (eg. " — Benjamin Franklin").

.poem: The poem class can be used in the content_class param to limit the width of the content to 30rem and center the content block (the text will remain left aligned).

.badge: The badge class can be added to spans to make them render as a small pill shaped box with a grey background color.

.badge-success: The badge-success class changes the background color of badges (or anything, really) to green.


Licensed under the BSD 2 Clause License (LICENSE or


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you shall be licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.