pebble / README

This tree is not built with the official Pebble waf scripts.
Instead each directory has its own Makefile that includes
the toplevel Makefile from here.

The only configuration required is in Makefile.pebble:

1. Set PEBBLE_HOME to point to the sdk directory

You can also run make in each subdirectory to generate the PBW
files for that subdirectory.  The PBW file will be written to
the ../build subdirectory by default, but you can direct the artifacts
anywhere by setting O=path-to-file on the command line.

To start a new pebble project, create a Makefile that defines
SRCS with the source input files that are used in your source, FONTS with the
list of font files and sizes, optionally define APP to name the output
program, and include the top level Makefile.pebble.

As a sample Makefile, this is what builds the Nederlands clock:

	APP := hoelaat

	SRCS += nederlands.c

	FONTS := \
		fonts/Arial.ttf:28 \
		fonts/Arial-Black.ttf:30 \

	include ../../Makefile.pebble

Fonts resource names are generated from the TTF input file name
and size.  All applications use the same resource block name, "RESOURCES".

Any questions?  Trammell Hudson <>
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