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Getting started

A few steps must be completed before you can begin using Arma2NET:

  1. Install the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile if it isn't already installed. You can check if it is installed by verifying the presence of a C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319 folder.
  2. Update Arma 2 to beta version 1.60.87640 or later.
  3. Copy @Arma2NET into your Arma 2 installation folder.
  4. Optionally configure Arma2NET's plugin store by adding or removing plugins from the AddIns directory. If you're going to be using a mission which requires a specific plugin, add the plugin here.
  5. Add -mod=@Arma2NET to your Arma 2 command-line arguments.
  6. Read Using Arma2NET for instructions on calling Arma2NET from Arma 2.