Welcome to Bespin!

Bespin is a Mozilla Labs experiment on how to build an extensible Web code 
editor using HTML 5 technology.

Project home page:
Live system:

Thanks for downloading the code to the Bespin project. You can easily get 
Bespin running on your local Mac or Linux machine (see note about Windows 

To run Bespin locally, go to backend/python and take a look at the 
README.txt file there.

Contributing to Bespin

For details see:

The source repository is in Mercurial at:

Note about running on Windows

The current, up-to-date Bespin backend is written in Python. Because Python is cross-platform, it should be possible (and likely not too difficult) to make the backend work on Windows once Python 2.5 is installed. However, this has not been tested and there are likely two issues:

1. some libraries used by Bespin try to compile C code
2. some paths may not be correct on Windows systems