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All files within this directory were derived from the Common Locale
Data Repository (see  The CLDR project is
responsible for the accuracy and maintenance of this data.  A copy
of this data is checked into the Dojo util project as a zip file.
The XML data is transformed to the JSON-style Javascript you see
under the nls/ directory.  These Javascript files include data
necessary to do things like format and parse dates, numbers, and
currencies in different locales to consider cultural differences.
They are used by other modules in core Dojo such as,
dojo.number and dojo.currency.  It usually is not necessary to use
dojo.cldr directly.

An arbitrary subset of locales have been checked in to dojo/cldr
under svn.  To support other locales, the full set may be generated
by using xslt scripts in the util/buildscripts/cldr/ ant script.
Hundreds of locales are supported by the CLDR project.

See terms of use: