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Tag Commit Date Download
tip 99904a8
release-2.0-beta-1 07e08e9
release-1.9 341e1e3
release-1.8 2346207
release-1.7 ff4af8f
release-1.6 d8ac7d2
benchmarked b48df0b
release-1.5 b590cf6
Branch Commit Date Download
default 99904a8
virtual-raw-mallocs fbae461
jit-usable_retrace_3 0f1ddcb
callback-jit bccaa2c
improved_ebnfparse_error 2f5063c
missing-ndarray-attributes fe6cb9e
rpython-bytearray 0c27002
string-char-concat f95aaab
py3k 2a9a87c
remove-globals-in-jit d8bdb7e
stm-thread-2 f6071fb
reflex-support 1fe71cc
task-decorator 6cf85e6
remove-PYPY_NOT_MAIN_FILE 9b0d056
release-2.0-beta2 1508555
py3k-ceil-floor 6a1c5f8
release-2.0-beta1 fcb6b05
continulet-jit-3 4910976
no-failargs d331eab
result-in-resops d0dcc32
py3k-listview_str 1862645
python-numpy af767d6
numpy-reintroduce-zjit-tests d544c05
pytest e880a84
cpyext-PyThreadState_New 5263c8b
refine-testrunner 2bdaa7b
continulet-jit-2 b7cd9c9
stm-jit 451f958
ppc-jit-backend ca90b7f
vref-copy c5f800e
jvm-improvements 66ec0e8
numpypy_count_nonzero 1be7eb1
numpy-andrew-tests db8068c
numpypy-argminmax 5e348c4
kill-import_from_lib_pypy d58c3a5
vendor/stdlib 89a76ae
win32-stdlib e7a7221
release-1.9.x 98ef9d1
stackroot-speedup 960a8ef
remove-translator-platform 0f00a76
gc-minimark-pinning 026dca4
dynamic-specialized-tuple 70a1238
embedded-pypy e4568fc
sepcomp2 60366c1
ndmin cbe115c
array_equal 723f22f
bytearray-refactor a3cfcb5
zlib-mem-pressure 51221f3
erase-raw-mem bd79cde
struct-double 674ec47
jit-tracehook 13bff91
continulet-jit e8a39aa
dead-code-optimization 543bfbe
miniscan 8ab8c0e
numpy-record-type-pure-python e716ec8
backend-vector-ops c72d8c4
numpypy-ctypes 36d4dee
release-1.8.x 0e28b37
json-decoder-speedups afb4c5c
type-specialized-instances ce9d7cb
kill-more-multimethods 5ab71be
concurrent-marksweep edaf872
32ptr-on-64bit 27de831
core-only-tracing 46d4d36
numpy-indexing-by-arrays-2 b5668c7
numpypy-remove-scalar 6cb0685
strbuf_by_default 9014cd3
look-into-thread a72a6f9
jit-usable_retrace_2 ba02b28
generator-in-rpython c73c899
int-tag-untag-as-operations 9cf4919
release-1.7.x 930f0bc
numpy-comparison 949a502
minimark-no-mass-free 3e89774
numpy-data-buffer 0698ee9
numpy-random 0b6b9b5
gc-trace-faster 2f50508
shadowstack-perf f2bf949
compile-from-stream 47e8024
jit-limit_peeling 3863f50
kill-single-impl-multimethods e312c5b
int32on64-experiment 2e960c5
refactor-not-in-translator a3cb049
mingw32-build e935245
fold_intadd d7fca7d
jit-usable_retrace af6befd
real-rffi.INT a79bb8f
lltrace 994df46
guard-improvements 5bcced7
jit-fromstart 2a2796f
avm 1cfacef
unicode_filename-2 99fcff9
cpyext-init-cleanup 98a287f
separate-compilation fba9888
cli-jit 305aba0
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