ITE / code / shared / embedded / MatlabBGL / private / merge_options.m

function options = merge_options(default_options,varargin)
% MERGE_OPTIONS Merge a set of default options with options from varargin
% The set of options in varargin can be a list of key,value pairs, or a
% struct with the same information.

% David F. Gleich
% Copyright, Stanford University, 2008

%% History
%  2008-09-25: Initial coding

if ~isempty(varargin) && mod(length(varargin),2) == 0
    options = merge_structs(struct(varargin{:}),default_options);
elseif length(varargin)==1 && isstruct(varargin{1})
    options = merge_structs(varargin{1},default_options);
elseif ~isempty(varargin)
        'There were an odd number of key-value pairs of options specified');
    options = default_options;
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