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SurvivalPlus / Food-&-Farming



Raw Foods

Raw Meat will cause food poisoning, with a chance of 80%.
Food Poisoning will stack if more raw meats are eaten.
Better cook your meat before eating!

Cookies as Saturated Snacks

Cookies can increase your health when you eat it more and more.
Eating one of these will add a stackable 30 seconds of Health Boost.

  • 15 seconds: Gains Health Boost I, 2 extra hearts(​​)
  • 1 minute: Gains Health Boost II, 4 extra hearts(​​​​)
  • 3 minutes: Gains Health Boost III, 6 extra hearts(​​​​​​)

The more you eat, the stronger you are!
Cookie's Saturation Point restoration has been increased from 0.4 to 5.

Beetroots as PowerUPs

Beetroots can increase your strength when consumed.
Eating one of these will add a stackable 10 seconds of Strength.

Strength can be stacked up to a maximum of 30 seconds.

Poisonous Potato as Antidote

Poisonous Potato can purge all Potion Effects (like Bucket of Milk), and it's stackable.
However, eating one of these has 60% chance to get Poison for 4 seconds.

Food Diversity

Why should you only eat one type of food? Let's make some variations.

Nutrients in the food are divided into 3 types:

  • Carbohydrates
    • Mainly grains and sugars
  • Proteins
    • Mainly meat, poultry, and milk
  • Vitamins and Salts
    • Mainly vegetables and fruits

Eating lesser of a type of food will cause malnutrition, which will cause serious negative effects.
Remember, eat healthily!



You will need to use a sickle to harvest fruits and vegetables in your garden. When you use a stone sickle you will notice there's a chance that the plants won't drop any food. You can use an iron sickle which will have a higher chance of dropping more food.


It's weird to have instant baby chicks when breeding Chickens.
- Chickens now lay 1-4 egg(s) instead of breeding a new chick.
- Eggs have 100% chance to hatch a chick.