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SurvivalPlus / Hydration



Thirst caps at 40 points, reduced when exhaustion point reaches the maximum. If Thirst drops to 0, the player will suffer from dehydration and loses health. See Status for info on how to check your thirst status.

Thirst points:

  • Melon Slices restore 6 points
  • Water Bowls restore 10 points
  • Hot milk restores 10 points (Be careful, it'll burn ya)
  • Dirty water bottles restore 13 points
  • Cold milk restores 15 points
  • Clean water bottles restore 18 points
  • Purified water bottles restore 23 points
  • Coffee restores 23 points
  • Mushroom Soup restore 12 points (Hunger is restored too, hybrid)
  • Milk restores 30 points

Water bowls

If you are thirsty, craft a Bowl to obtain water.
Simply throw 1 Bowl into a water source, it will become a Water Bowl.
Drinking it will quench the thirst. Drinking impure water runs a 60% risk of getting poisoned for 4 seconds. Purified water is recommended when cauldrons are affordable.

Water Bottles

Water Bottles can be obtained by right-clicking a glass bottle into a water source, but it's not purified and not safe to drink.

Drinking impure water has high chance to get Poison for 4 seconds.

To get rid of that risk, you can either clean your water or purify it:

Clean Water:

Clean water will have a medium risk of getting poisoned. Theres a couple of ways to get clean water:

1) Throw a dirty water bottle on the campfire:

2) Throw a dirty water bottle in a furnace or smoker:

To clean water this way will take longer than most cooking recipes.

Purified Water:

Purified water is the cleanest water you can get. It will have no negative side effects and it will replenish your thirst meter a lot quicker.

1) Make a Cauldron and prepare a fuel block.
2) Light the Cauldron with fire.
3) Fill the Cauldron with water.

4) Fill the glass bottles with this purified water.


Players can craft coffee in their crafting table.
When drank, it will increase their thirst level by 23 points, and will also refresh their energy level.

Emptying Containers

Simply throw a water bottle, water bowl or potion in your workbench, and you will get back an empty bottle/bowl.