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SurvivalPlus / Installation



Installation of SurvivalPlus is quite simple.

Installing the Plugin

First, throw the SurvivalPlus.jar into your server's plugin folder, start your server and let it generate the appropriate files. It is best to install this plugin on a fresh new server. If you install it on a current running server, players may have already acquired items and/or resources that may affect the gameplay of this plugin.

Setting up the Config

After you have installed the plugin you can open up the config.yml and configure it to your liking. Here you can enable/disable certain gameplay mechanics and recipes. Make sure to give a good read thru of the config wiki to make sure you have the best understanding of what everything means.


  • It is best practice to set your config up once and not change it later. Due to how a lot of mechanics work, its best to have this all set up from the get go rather than changing things throughout the life of your server.

Changing the Lang file

You can also open up the lang_EN.yml and change up any of the messages to suit your servers needs.

This file also includes names and lores for most of the custom items in the game.

Loot Tables

I highly recommend editing the loot tables of your server. Loot tables are files that contain the possible items that generate in chests in structures such as villages, underwater ruins, mineshaft, jungle/desert temples, etc, as well as what items mobs drop. I recommend removing things from loot tables which are removed in this plugin (ie: wooden/golden tools). You can find plugins that will change loot tables or you can manually edit the files yourself. I will hopefully include a proper wiki soon on how to do that. For now check out the Minecraft Wiki's Loot Table page for more info.

Last Steps

Last step is to assign the correct permissions to anyone on your server. There's really not a lot of permissions to deal with, and your player's will not require any special permissions to play.


After all of this, you should be good to go with SurvivalPlus