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SurvivalPlus / Tools


Custom Tools

SurvivalPlus comes with a bunch of new custom tools, that are all designed to add to the mechanics of the game.


The hatchet is used very similarly to an axe. It's a great starter tool for chopping down trees.


A mattock is just like a pickaxe, you use it to break stone when you first start the game.


Until you can afford to make a proper sword, a shiv is a great way to do some hunting. When you attack mobs with it, it'll inflict a little bit of poison on them.


You will need a hammer to do some building in the game. Hold a hammer in your offhand while you are trying to place most building blocks.


You will need to use a sickle to harvest fruits and vegetables in your garden. When you use a stone sickle you will notice there's a chance that the plants won't drop any food. You can use an iron sickle which will have a higher chance of dropping more food.


This is a great tool for new players. You can use it just like a flint and steel to set things on fire. The firestriker also comes with a portable smelting feature. This tool has a durability of 8.

To use the smelting option of a firestriker, right click while sneaking.


  • Put unsmelted/uncooked items in the smelting slot.
  • Click on the result slot to smelt/cook one item.
  • To exit, either click on the Firestriker or press Escape.


A workbench is just a crafting table, with a nicer name.


Compass can be used to locate a place, useful, never getting lost.


  • RIGHT BUTTON: Set a waypoint on player's location, the compass will always point to the waypoint.
  • LEFT BUTTON: Tell the player's coordinates.

Want to go back home fast? Eat the magical Tropical Fish
You will be teleported to where the compass points at.


SurvivalPlus uses a custom campfire, it's a little different than the vanilla campfire. The campfire you craft will be unlit when you place it. To light it, either use a firestriker, or hit it with a stick a few times to get it going.

Grappling Hook

Use your grappling hook to quickly pull yourself up onto hard to reach places.


All recipes for SurvivalPlus' custom items can be found in your recipe guide. Recipes will be unlocked as the player advances thru the game.