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Convert your PS1 games to VCD format


POPS doesn’t support PS1 games images as .iso. It uses virtual CD-ROM format (VCD files). You need to create a 1:1 image of your PS1 game, first in BIN+CUE format using your favorite dump software, then to convert it to VCD.

Your BIN image must be a raw MODE2/2352 dump and the CUE a standard ASCII cuesheet. Open the CUE file in a text editor and check the first lines. If you can see “MODE2/2352”, it’s ok.

  • How to convert to VCD format :

To convert your PS1 games from BIN+CUE to VCD format, you need to use the last version of CUE2POPS.

  1. Put your BIN+CUE image of your PS1 game in CUE2POPS folder ;
  2. Drag and drop your CUE file on CUE2POPS.EXE file ;
  3. A VCD image of your game is created in CUE2POPS folder.

Notes :

  • You can convert several games at once by running the BULK_CUE2POPS.BAT. BULK_CUE2POPS.BAT must be placed in CUE2POPS folder, along with your PS1 game images, as BIN+CUE ;
  • If your PS1 game images has several .bin file, you can merge them into a single BIN+CUE file using CDmage Version 1.02.1 Beta 5 ;
  • For multi-disc games, please read this section about how to use the swap disc feature.




Download : here

This tool reverts back the conversion from VCD to BIN+CUE or (CUE only) files. See the screenshot for commands.