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Sample Demo Project

This project is free and opensource. Please, support development, or just appreciate it by donating on demo page

This is documentation for UnityFurs package, amazing tool which allows one to create 3D mockups in seconds by drawing several simple images. Easy way to bring in some pixel/voxel 2D-3D art into your game.

Check out example “Demo” scene and prefab.

Quick Start

  • Script “FursParticle” utilize power of Shuriken particle:
    • Attach script to GameObject by drag&drop it or via “Component/Rendering/Furs/Particle Fur”
    • Particle System will be attached as well. This would be renderer for Furs.
    • Set Particle System renderer material to SimpleColorBillboard shipped with this package.
    • Setup Front and Left textures* (Back and Right are optional) and hit “Play” to see your Fur
  • Script using OpenGL to render models: FursQuads (much slower than Particle one):
    • Attach script by using “Component/Rendering/Furs/GL Quad Fur”
    • Setup textures* and material (SimpleColorBillboard in package is OK to start with)

*Textures requirements

To get proper result, some recommendations is to be followed.

  • Use small textures. No more than 32x32
  • All textures should have same height
  • (IMPORTANT) In importer settings select Advanced Texture Type, Enable Read/Write and disable MipMaps generation
  • In format select Automatic Truecolor, RGB24 bit or RGBA32. Do not use lossy compressing.


  • For Particle Fur you can use particleSystem.Play() to resume movement of particles. It is easy to setup destruction effects with Shuriken and play them when required.
  • Changing GameObject scale will have no effect on Particle Fur, if applied when it is already displayed.
  • Play with Particle System parameters.

Important info

This is free project. Inspired by free Furball Engine (

For issues, suggestions or contributions:

Send email to "furs at", View sources/official issue tracker, Or visit forum page in package description