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 import Data.Histogram.Bin
 import Data.Histogram.ST
 -- Type class
 -- Monadic builder
--- | Stateful histogram builder. There is no direct way to construct
---   such builder. Only way to do it is to create 'HBuilder' and use
---   'toHBuilderST' or 'toHBuilderIO'.
+-- | Stateful histogram builder. Adding value to builder could be done
+--   with 'feedOne' and result could be extracted with
+--   'freezeHBuilderM'.
---   It's useful when result should be extracted many times from the
---   same accumulator.
+--   There are two ways to obtain stateful builder. First and
+--   recommended is to thaw 'HBuilder' using 'toHBuilderIO' or
+--   'toHBuilderST'. Second is to use 'mkStatefulBuilder'.
 data HBuilderM m a b = HBuilderM { hbInput  :: a -> m ()
                                  , hbOutput :: m b
+-- | Builders modified using 'HistBuilder' API will share same buffer.
 instance PrimMonad m => HistBuilder (HBuilderM m) where
     modifyIn    f h = h { hbInput  = hbInput h . f }
     addCut      f h = h { hbInput  = \x -> when (f x) (hbInput h x) }
 feedOne = hbInput
 {-# INLINE feedOne #-}
--- | Create stateful histogram from instructions. Histograms could
---   be filled either in the ST monad or with createHistograms
+-- | Extract result from histogram builder. It's safe to call this
+--   function multiple times and mutate builder afterwards.
 freezeHBuilderM :: PrimMonad m => HBuilderM m a b -> m b
 freezeHBuilderM = hbOutput
 {-# INLINE freezeHBuilderM #-}
 treeHBuilderM fs h = joinHBuilderM $ fmap ($ h) fs
 {-# INLINE treeHBuilderM #-}
 -- Stateless
 -- | Create histogram builder which just does ordinary pure fold. It
--- is intended for use when some fold should be performed together
--- with histogram filling
+--   is intended for use when some fold should be performed together
+--   with histogram filling
 mkFolder :: b -> (a -> b -> b) -> HBuilder a b
 mkFolder a f = HBuilder $ do
   ref <- newSTRef a
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