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Add contructor for stateful builders

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   , mkFoldBuilderG
     -- ** Pure fold
   , mkFolder
+    -- ** Generic constructors
+  , mkStatefulBuilder
     -- * Fill histograms
   , fillBuilder
   , fillBuilderVec
 {-# INLINE mkFolder #-}
+-- | Create stateful histogram builder. Output function should be safe
+--   to call multiple times and builder could be modified afterwards.
+--   So functions like @unsafeFreeze@ from @vector@ couldn't be used.
+mkStatefulBuilder :: PrimMonad m
+                  => (a -> m ()) -- ^ Add value to accumulator
+                  -> m b         -- ^ Extract result from accumulator
+                  -> HBuilderM m a b
+{-# INLINE mkStatefulBuilder #-}
+mkStatefulBuilder = HBuilderM
 -- Actual filling of histograms
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