histogram-fill / ChangeLog

The branch 'v0.7.0.0' does not exist.
Changes in

  * mkFoldBuilder is added to @Data.Histogram.Fill@
  * fill functions in @Data.Histogram.ST@ are replaced with generic
  * Indexing for immutable histograms is added and special constructor
    for first and last bin are added to @HistIndex@ data type.
  * Functions to calculate sum, minimum and maximum of immutable
    histogram are added.

Changes in

  * MaybeBin added.
  * Helper function for defining Read instances for bins are exposed. 
  * mapData function is added.
  * Slicing histogram do not results in crash if indices are out of

  * Eq instances for BinF and BinD are added.
  * NFData instance for Bin2D is fixed.

Changes in

  * Helper function and type synonym for Bin2D

Changes in

  * Fixed compilation with GHC 7.4