monoid-statistics / monoid-statistics.cabal

Name:           monoid-statistics
Version:        0.3
Cabal-Version:  >= 1.6
License:        BSD3
License-File:   LICENSE
Author:         Alexey Khudyakov <>
Maintainer:     Alexey Khudyakov <>
Category:       Statistics
Build-Type:     Simple
  Monoids for calculation of statistics of sample
  Monoids for calculation of statistics of sample. This approach
  allows to calculate many statistics in one pass over data and
  possibility to parallelize calculations. However not all statistics 
  could be calculated this way.
  This packages is quite similar to monoids package but limited to
  calculation on statistics. In particular it makes use of
  commutatitvity of statistical monoids.

source-repository head
  type:     hg

  Build-Depends:   base >=3 && <5
  Exposed-modules: Data.Monoid.Statistics
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