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  • 2019‑11‑05
  • Updated sm-json & SteamWorks includes

  • Added support for config and runtime variables (see wiki!)

  • Added support for whitelisting steamids & ips (see wiki!)

  • Implemented proper documentation of the plugin and its features

  • Added support for plaintext and statuscode response parsing (JSON still valid!)

  • Added support for HEAD/POST/PUT/DELETE/OPTIONS/PATCH request methods

  • Added support for parsing int, float and bool json response values in addition to string

  • Implemented an entire Plugin API for making HTTP requests through ProxyKiller

  • Logging is now way more robust, allowing for more control over spewlevels and modes

  • Added support for SQLite caching provider

  • Added support for MySQL/SQLite rules provider

  • Added support for kick/ban/log punishment types

    • These all support runtime variables (i.e. {ip}, {userid}, …)

  • Roots are now always excluded from proxy checks

  • Implemented “ProxyKiller_PunishmentBanLength” convar to control a punishment ban length

  • Implemented “ProxyKiller_IgnoreFlags” convar to exclude people with flags from proxy checks

  • Implemented “ProxyKiller_Bypass” command override to exclude people from proxy checks

  • Implemented database migrations

    • Has an initial migration for version 1.x.x => version 2.0.0

  • Implemented “ProxyKiller_Database_Table_Prefix” to control the prefix for db tables

  • Implemented an entire Plugin API for retrieving ProxyKiller (semantic) versioning

  • Implemented clearing of old caching entries in the database

    • Ran once the plugin starts, and then once per hour

  • Added User-Agent to HTTP requests - Valve/Steam HTTP Client 1.0 (730; ProxyKiller)


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