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     MediaQueries are part of ``stylesheets.MediaList`` since v0.9.4, used in @import and @media rules.
 `Namespaces <>`__
     Added in v0.9.1, updated to definition in CSSOM in v0.9.4, updated in 0.9.5 for dev version
-`CSS3 Module: Pages Media <`>`__
+`CSS3 Module: Pages Media <>`__
     Most properties of this spec are implemented including MarginRules
 `Selectors <>`__
     The selector syntax defined here (and not in CSS 2.1) should be parsable with cssutils (*should* mind though ;) )
 I guess cssutils is neither CSS 2.1 nor CSS 3 compliant but tries to at least be able to parse both grammars including some more real world cases (some CSS hacks are actually parsed and serialized). Both official grammars are not final nor bugfree but still feasible. cssutils aim is not to be fully compliant to any CSS specification (the specifications seem to be in a constant flow anyway) but cssutils *should* be able to read and write as many as possible CSS stylesheets "in the wild" while at the same time implement the official APIs which are well documented. Some minor extensions are provided as well.
-Please visit or for more details.
+Please visit or for more details.
 There is also a low-traffic `cssutils discussion group <>`_.
-Copyright 2005 - 2011 Christof Hoeke
+Copyright 2005 - 2012 Christof Hoeke
 cssutils is published under the LGPL 3 or later