WeeChat Scripts

This is a small set of scripts I have developed for WeeChat IRC-client.


WeeChat already comes with Aspell spell checker plug-in. Unfortunately Aspell doesn't work well with certain languages. For example Finnish spell checking can be better done by Voikko spell checker. Enchant provides a single API For accessing variety of spell checking back ends. This script aims to integrate enchant based spell checking into WeeChat. Requires pyenchant and any necessary spell checking back ends and dictionaries required by chosen language.

Weenchant is currently usable albeit there still is much room for improvement.


Keyring script was an attempt to integrate Gnome keyring into WeeChat. I didn't end up using it but it should work.


Small script for opening received links in browser without using mouse. Useful when bound to a shortcut. Works as advertised. There exists something similar in the official scripts repository.