GenRes 2.1

GenRes 2.1 is the new version of the advanced resource compiler for Sega Genesis. While the output is mainly SGDK focused, you could use it with any other compiler / assembler.

by KanedaFr (c) 2018 SpritesMind


GenRes 1.0 was made for SGDK on January '08. It mainly use the syntax plug id file option1 option2 option3. With more and more options to suit everyone's needs, this syntax quickly became a nightmare to handle. GenRes' goal was to make it easier for anyone to include resource, not to lost hours and hours trying to find the right syntax to add a sprite.

I so started to update GenRes with a more powerful parser to get rid of this awful syntax.

In the meantime, Stef, SGDK's author, made his own rescomp, which is now the official resource compiler for SGDK. While it could make GenRes unneeded, I choose to update it but focused on my own needs. Since only a few people were using it, it wasn't a betrayal !

GenRes is not there to compete with rescomp, but an alternative with some interesting options. But aware I won't supply support on this one, but you could try to drop a message on SpritesMind or my twitter accound ;)


Version Date Details
2.0 1 dec 2015 initial public release
2.1 5 dec 2018 Added HIRES plugin
Fixed MAP plugin
Added new MAP option FORCE16


genres <source.rc> <export.asm> [-v]

source.rc is a file defining every resource using plugins available. Every plugin follows the same syntax

plugin id file
    option value
    option value

Tip: included resource.rc is a template you can use to create your own source.rc

Question ? Need support ? log in SpritesMind forum !


For history reason, I still use the word "plugin" to describe a resource converter/importer/compiler.


Note: - You won't find plugin syntax here : use genres help <plugin name> to get full syntax, help and sample - Format of generated data is defined on genres.h


Convert any image to tiles. Use only the first 16 colors, so fix your palette first !


Convert a 31 colors to 2 planes / 2 palettes data. Give to your title or cut scene the quality they need!


minimal version of BITMAP to import font (96 tiles)


striped down version of BITMAP to import pal only


Like BITMAP but convert to suitable sprites


A more advanced feature : convert a image with several sprites to a list of sprites, with framerate, user defined animation, collide box...

Tip: A lot of spritesheets is available on the internet. Use them for testing !


Import layers and bitmap data from Mappy maps Handle any size of tiles if 8-based (ie will split them in 8x8 tile)


Add moves list or cheat code to your game. Perfect for a fighting game !


Convert sound to use with any of the SGDK supported drivers


Import Atari, Amstrad, MSX.. tone (no noise support)


Easily create Echo instrument list. Support almost every ym2612 instrument dump format.


Convert MIDI file to ECHO bgm


Create sfx based on Echo instruments


Add raw data, similar to bintoc tool or asm's INCBIN



This sample aims to explain how to use every kind of data supported by GenRes. Be free to browse source code to learn how to use basis of GenRes

Required : SGDK with Genres2.1

Third party code

GenRes, to handle maximum compatibility, uses third party code and lib:


Want to clone, fork, whatever ? To fix an issue or to add a plugin ? To make your own &lt;insert your console name here&gt;Res ? Go ahead ! No licence headache, do as you wish ! Just don't sell it, please.

For more info, please read README.build file and docs in lib folder.