Andreas Tscharner avatar Andreas Tscharner committed 1a3c855

gui: Create new instance of ListHandler and provide it the AddRemoveHandlers class

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 	resFileView->append_column("Verschlüsselung", m_resColModel->FEncryptType);
 	resFileView->append_column("Passwort", m_resColModel->FEncPassword);
+	m_listHandler = new ListHandler(m_listResFiles, m_resColModel);
+	m_addRemove->setListHandler(m_listHandler);
+	delete m_listHandler;
 	delete m_resColModel;
 	delete m_addRemove;


  * classes
  * \author Andreas Tscharner
- * \date 2012-06-17
+ * \date 2012-07-29
 #include <gtkmm/liststore.h>
 #include "AddRemoveHandlers.hxx"
 #include "ResColumnModel.hxx"
+#include "ListHandler.hxx"
 /*! \class MainWindow
 		AddRemoveHandlers *m_addRemove;//!< Class instance to handle the "Add" and "Remove" button
 		ResColumnModel *m_resColModel; //!< Class that defines the column model for the list store
+		ListHandler *m_listHandler;    //!< Class for handling the list in the view
 		/*! \brief Constructor
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