Andreas Tscharner avatar Andreas Tscharner committed 4d95312

gui: Add columns to treeview

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+#include <gtkmm/treeview.h>
 #include "MainWindow.hxx"
 #include "AddRemoveHandlers.hxx"
+#include "ResColumnModel.hxx"
+#include "../lrc_config.h"
 MainWindow::MainWindow(Gtk::Window *p_mainWin, Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::Builder> p_refBuilder)
+	Gtk::TreeView *resFileView;
 	m_mainWindow = p_mainWin;
 	m_refBuilder = p_refBuilder;
 	m_resColModel = new ResColumnModel();
 	m_listResFiles = Gtk::ListStore::create(*m_resColModel);
+	m_refBuilder->get_widget("resTreeView", resFileView);
+	resFileView->set_model(m_listResFiles);
+	resFileView->append_column("Resource ID", m_resColModel->FUniqueResID);
+	resFileView->append_column("Dateiname", m_resColModel->FResFilename);
+	resFileView->append_column("Komprimierung", m_resColModel->FCompressType);
+	resFileView->append_column("Verschlüsselung", m_resColModel->FEncryptType);
+	resFileView->append_column("Passwort", m_resColModel->FEncPassword);
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