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-.TH lrc 1 "26 March 2012" "lrc 0.8"
+.TH lrc 1 "06 May 2012" "lrc 0.8"
 lrc \- Linux Resource Compiler
-.B lrc -h | [-d] [-o RDFFile] [-c CompressionType] RCFile|RIFFile
+.B lrc -h | [-d] [-o RDFFile] [-c CompressionType] [-e EncyptionType -p Password] RCFile|RIFFile
 The Linux Resource Compiler is a program to compile several files into one big file.
 bzip2 compression. This is the same compression as the well known program with the same name uses.
+.B -e EncryptionType
+Encryption type for the whole RDF file. Allowed are all encryption types as for single resources. At the moment these are:
+.I Serpent
+Serpent encryption
+.B -p Password
+The password for the encryption. This option is mandatory if encryption is selected. All alphanumeric characters are allowed to be used in the password. If the first character of the password is a '@' the rest of the password string will be interpreted as filename. In this case the file will be loaded and the content of the file will be taken as password to encrypt the resource. Use this method if you want to use other characters than alphanumeric ones.
 .B RCFile
 Input file in the simple RC format; defines all used files to compile.