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Comment updated for more accurate documentation

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File src/compiler/Collector.hxx

 		 * \retval ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND The resource file could not be found
 		 * \retval ERROR_COMPRESSION_NOT_AVAILABLE The selected compression
 		 *                                         is not available
+		 * \retval ERROR_COMPRESSION_COMPRESS An error occurred while
+		 *                                    compressing the complete file
 		 * \retval ERROR_ENCRYPTION_NOT_AVAILABLE The selected encryption is
 		 *                                        not availale
+		 * \retval ERROR_ENCRYPTION_ENCRYPT An error occurred while
+		 *                                  encrypting the complete file
 		 * \retval ERROR_FILE_READ An error occurred while reading the file
 		 * \retval ERROR_FILE_WRITE An error occurred while writing the file

File src/compiler/InFileParser.hxx

 		 * \return Password directly from input file or from re-directed
 		 *         file
-		 * \exception lrcFileNotFoundException This exception will be found
+		 * \exception lrcFileNotFoundException This exception will be thrown
 		 *            if the password should be read from a file and the
 		 *            given file could not be found