Andreas Tscharner avatar Andreas Tscharner committed f0ac90c

Add some debug information to the main compiler file

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 //      lrc.cxx
-//      Copyright 2011, 2012 Andreas Tscharner <>
+//      Copyright 2011-2013 Andreas Tscharner <>
 //      This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 //      it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as
  * and then the collector which creates the .rdf file
  * \author Andreas Tscharner
- * \date 2012-05-06
+ * \date 2013-09-08
 				rdfFile = new char[strlen(optarg)+1];
 				memset(rdfFile, 0, (strlen(optarg)+1));
 				strncpy(rdfFile, optarg, (strlen(optarg)));
+				DEBUG_PRINT(("Output file: %s\n", rdfFile))
 			case 'c' :
 				compressType = new char[strlen(optarg)+1];
 				memset(compressType, 0, (strlen(optarg)+1));
 				strncpy(compressType, optarg, (strlen(optarg)));
+				DEBUG_PRINT(("Compression type: %s\n", compressType))
 			case 'e' :
 				encryptType = new char[strlen(optarg)+1];
 				memset(encryptType, 0, (strlen(optarg)+1));
 				strncpy(encryptType, optarg, (strlen(optarg)));
+				DEBUG_PRINT(("Encryption type: %s\n", encryptType))
 			case 'p' :
 				pwdStr = new char[strlen(optarg)+1];
 				memset(pwdStr, 0, (strlen(optarg)+1));
 				strncpy(pwdStr, optarg, (strlen(optarg)));
+				DEBUG_PRINT(("Password string: %s\n", pwdStr))
 			case 'd' :
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