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GCC 4.7 issues on Arch Linux (and tinyxml question)

created an issue

Hi, I maintain lrc on Arch Linux (AUR) https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=51493

latest 0.9 is affected by gcc 4.7 changes and does not build.

I already wrote and applied a patch to resolve all incompatibilities (attached here as lrc-gcc4.7.patch).

Feel free to apply :)

OT: I noticed you include tinyxml sources in the lrc tarball, is that a fork or you do that to be sure a specific version is used? Btw, since Arch Linux provides the same version you distribute with lrc, I also apply another patch to build against system tinyxml (attached also here as lrc-tinyxml-shared.patch). The patch completely ignore the tinyxml shipped with lrc, but that's probably not a good solution for you. In case using inner tinyxml is not mandatory, it would be nice if you could add a --with-system-tinyxml or similar, to let packagers choose easily. If you need an helping hand for a build system patch just let me know.


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  1. Andreas Tscharner repo owner

    Thank you for the report and thank you for the patch.

    I've had a quick glance at your patch and it seems that mostly Crypto++ is affected, so I will split the patch up: One patch for "my own" stuff and one for Crypto++ which I will also send upstream.

    As for TinyXML: it is just the source as is and you are right: It is not a good solution to always use it. So I will change the build system to check for it in configure and use the installed version if one is found (and use the shipped version only as fallback). The same for Crypto++. I have created an enhancment issue for that: https://bitbucket.org/StarFire/lrc/issue/3/use-installed-versions-of-tinyxml-and

    Updated priority to critical, because as of today gcc 4.7 is default in Debian Sid

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