Python PEP8 Autoformat

Python PEP8 Autoformat is a Sublime Text plugin to interactively reformat Python source code according to PEP-8 (Style Guide for Python Code). Both Sublime Text versions 2 and 3 are supported.


Some time ago, looking for a possible Eclipse replacement, I gave a try to Sublime Text 2. One of my main usages of PyDev (very good Eclipse plugin for Python developer) is the code formatter.

Under Sublime Text 2 I installed PythonTidy but unfortunately it did not work for me. So, for fun and learning, I decided to create Python PEP8 Autoformat, based on autopep8 as code formatter and pep8 as code linter.


To avoid dependencies, all necessary modules are included within the package.

  1. Using Sublime Package Control

    • Use cmd+shift+P shortcut then Package Control: Install Package
    • Look for Python PEP8 Autoformat and install it.
  2. Using mercurial (hg) repository on bitbucket:

    • Open a terminal, move to Packages directory (refers to the folder that opens when you use the Preferences > Browse Packages… menu). Then type in terminal:
    • hg clone 'Python PEP8 Autoformat'
  3. Manually:

    • Download an archive of Python PEP8 Autoformat
    • Open a terminal, move to Packages directory (refers to the folder that opens when you use the Preferences > Browse Packages… menu) and create a new directory named 'Python PEP8 Autoformat'
    • Extract archive contents in new 'Python PEP8 Autoformat' directory.


You'll find settings in Preferences menu (Preferences -> Package Settings -> Python PEP8 Autoformat -> ...).

    // autoformat code on save ?
    "autoformat_on_save": false,

    // enable possibly unsafe changes (E226, E24, W6)
    // aggressive level, 0 to disable:
    "aggressive": 0,

    // list codes for fixes; used by --ignore and --select
    "list-fixes": false,

    // do not fix these errors / warnings (e.g. ["E501", E4", "W"])
    "ignore": [],

    // select errors / warnings (e.g. ["E4", "W"])
    "select": [],

    // Maximum line length
    "max-line-length": 79

By editing User settings, your personal liking will be kept safe over plugin upgrades.

Indent size

PEP8 suggests using 4 spaces for indentation, but because that sometimes varies on a project by project basis, autopep8 has a --indent-size parameter.

If you wish to change the indent size, you can add in a key to your package settings. By default it uses 4.


    "indent-size": 2,



Formatting is applied on the whole document.

Using keyboard:

  • GNU/Linux: ctrl+shift+r
  • OSX: ctrl+shift+r
  • Windows: ctrl+shift+r

Using Command Palette:

As defined in Default.sublime-commands file:

    { "caption": "User: Python PEP8 Autoformat", "command": "pep8_autoformat" }

You can format your Python code by opening Command Palette (ctrl+shift+P) and type "auto"... up to highlight full caption.


Useful companions to Python PEP8 Autoformat:


Copyright 2012-2014 Stéphane Bunel

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

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