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# Astro Commander Astro Commander (working title) is an open-source (MIT) roguelike with probably vagually similar gameplay to FTL, although I have never actually played that game. You control the crew of a ship and must try and avoid getting destroyed while going on an adventure. ![Screenshot](http://i.imgur.com/qKKR043.png) ##RUNNING You will need Java to run it. ##HINTS * Enter '?' for help. Use numbers to select units, and arrow keys to move them. Other controls are given in the game. * Log into the Control Panel. * Hail the space station at the start. ##STATUS It works, but there's not much to it yet, and has not been thoroughly balanced. And it probably has a few bugs. ##CREDITS Designed and programmed by Stephen Carlyle-Smith (Email: stephen.carlylesmith@googlemail.com / Twitter: https://twitter.com/stephencsmith ). ##LICENCE This software is licenced under the MIT Licence