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This is a multiplayer turn-based strategy game. The download includes the server, web server and Android client. See for more details.

Feel free to email me with an questions or if you need some pointers to help you around the source code.

These instructions assume you are using Linux.

Changing the Source Code

The download includes files required to load the source code directly into Eclipse.

Starting the Webserver/Game Server

You will need Java >= v1.7 and MySQL. Run <config file> <port>

You'll need to fill in a config file under /configs. Use the blank config as a template and add details.

Main classes

The main class for the web/game server is DSRWebServer. The main activity for the Android app is Main_Activity_Full, but the class that does all the work in the game is GameModule.

Creating a new mission

The easiest way to do this is to go to the file AbstractMission and find the name of a similar mission in the list of constants at the top. Rename this constant so that errors appear in your IDE. This will show you everywhere you need to duplicate with the code for your new mission. You will also need to create a map file (in /new_maps) and add unit details to the units.csv file (create them in the .odt file and then save that a .csv).


By Stephen Carlyle-Smith ( Originally based on Laser Squad by Julian Gollop.


All code and assets licenced under MIT (