StiX Json is extremely fast desctructive [json] parser with nice C++ API.

StiX Json pros:

  • very fast;
  • it is lightweight - only 2 files, totally around 700 lines of code;
  • it allocates memory in huge blocks (ideal for memory pages) using provided allocator;
  • it tries to predict memory requirements to minimize the amount of allocations;
  • it is open source under MIT license.


StiX Json uses stack to store information about parent and neighbour nodes. The size of stack can be configured with JSON_STACK_DEPTH define.


StiX Json was designed with performance and simplicity in mind. For best performance, you should compile StiX Json sources with /Os (Favor small code) VS flag. This gave me 32% faster code. My old performance test showed that StiX Json is roughly two times faster than rapidjson. I hope I'll provide a new test soon.