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Brewery - Data streaming, auditing and mining framework for Python

Project page:


Brewery is a python framework for:
* data streams - streaming structured data from various sources into various targets. Example of 
  existing streams: CSV, XLS, Google Spreadsheet, relational SQL database, MongoDB, directory with YAML
  files, HTML, ...
* data quality monitoring
* data mining


To install brewery framework type:

    pip install brewery


    easy_install brewery

To install brewery from sources, you can get it from Github:

More details about installation and requirements can be found at:


Documentation can be found at:


Main project source repository is being hosted at Github:

    git clone git://

Clone for Mercurial users at Bitbucket:


If you have questions, problems or suggestions, you can send a message to the Google group or 
write to the author.

* Report issues here:
* Google group:


Stefan Urbanek <>

Recent activity

Stefan Urbanek

Commits by Stefan Urbanek were pushed to Stiivi/brewery

1b98f89 - applied patch by laurentvasseur (@ bitbucket): added SQLSourceNode, added option to keep ifelds instead of dropping them in FieldMap and FieldMapNode
Stefan Urbanek

Commits by Stefan Urbanek were pushed to Stiivi/brewery

02fce5a - change references to main repository from bitbucket/mercurial to github
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