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SSW v4.0.6




  • Updated VS project files to VS2015
  • BUG: Squid log file type is misidentified by the -F f option and -F s is ignored

Please note that due to hardware constraints, v4.0.6 was built using Visual C++ 2015 and while it should work the same or better than v4.0.5, if you are not affected by the bug fixed in 4.0.6, you may want to stay with v4.0.5. If you do install v4.0.6, download the Visual C++ 2015 x86 or x64 redistributable package at this location:


  • BUG: LogFile entry in the configuration file was ignored
  • BUG: When standard input (stdin) was used an error was reported that the file could not be opened

Visual C++ 2013 redistributable package must be installed prior to running Windows v4.0.5. Download the x86 or x64 package at this location:


  • BUG: Host counts for the last day before a month change were zeroed out


  • BUG: Reduced the size of the copyright comment in HTML and XML reports to eliminate a warning in FireFox


  • BUG: Fixed a bug causing ApacheLogFormat ignored if DNS resolution was disabled


  • BUG: Fixed a bug causing SSW to crash after processing a log file with user names


  • Ported the source to run on x64 natively
  • Upgraded GeoIP library (requires new GeoIP database - see GeoIPDBPath in README)
  • Added a city column to the hosts reports
  • Updated the default search engine list
  • Removed support for wu-ftpd logs
  • Removed FoldSeqErr and -f options; out of sequence records will be ignored
  • Made local UTC offset used by default when reporting time
  • Added NoLocalUTCOffset to ignore local UTC offset
  • Created a repository on CodePlex -
  • Windows: Introduced a command-line build script


  • Stone Steps Webalizer v4 cannot read databases created by any other release prior to v4. You need to retain the latest previous version of Stone Steps Webalizer if you would like to generate reports directly from pre-v4 databases (i.e. without reprocessing all log files for that month).

  • Download a new-format GeoIP city and country database at either of these locations: