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SSW 4.2.2


IMPORTANT: v4.2.0 changes the default transfer amount column title to Transfer and changes its contents to human-readable format, such as 123 GB. If you would like to revert to the previous behavior, add ClassicKBytes to the configuration file and rename header Transfer to KBytes in the active language file.



  • BUG: [BB-5] Adjust log record time stamp only if its time zone setting doesn't match that in the configuration
  • BUG: [BB-4] Fixed a bug causing history being wiped out if there is no state database


  • Added DNSLookups configuration variable to use the DNS database as a generic host database (e.g. track spammers)

  • Added SiteName as a more descriptive synonym for HostName

  • Added SiteAlias to track white-listed site names

  • Added spammer detection when a spam URL is disguised as a search string

  • Disabled spammer and robot checks for Squid logs

  • Changed case-insensitive comparisons and conversions to ignore non-ASCII characters

  • Reworked DNS resolver to maintain historical spammer data and to reduce the footprint

  • Introduced URL normalization that recognizes the same URL encoded differently

  • Enforced UTF-8 encoding in all URL-encoded input text values

  • Changed reports to render URLs containing control characters unclickable

  • Switched Highcharts to Highstock to take advantage of stacked axes

  • Multiple Highcharts improvements

  • BUG: Fixed a bug that mangled non-ASCII characters in search strings

  • BUG: Fixed a concurrency bug in the DNS resolver that could report incorrect host names

  • BUG: Fixed a bug preventing Ctrl-C from being able to abort log processing


  • Improved report readability by replacing KBytes amounts with human-readable values using suffixes, such as KB, MB, etc. See this issue for additional details about this feature:

  • Added experimental IPv6 support

  • Added ClassicKBytes to allow to revert KBytes amounts as original numbers

  • Added DecimalKBytes, off by default, to interpret KB as 1000 bytes, not 1024 bytes

  • Updated libmaxminddb to v1.2.0

  • Removed XSL reports and Flash charts

  • BUG: Only one record out of the group with the same time stamp was counted (since

Highcharts Usage

Please note that Highcharts is not an Open Source package and may be used without buying a license only for non-commercial purposes. Read Highcharts' page for additional information about their licensing before enabling Highcharts in the reports:


  • Transfer amounts will be rendered in human-readable format by default in this release. If you would like to continue using traditional KBytes columns, use ClassicKBytes and change the heading Transfer to KBytes in your language file. See README for additional information.

  • Stone Steps Webalizer v4 cannot read databases created by any other release prior to v4. You need to retain the latest previous version of Stone Steps Webalizer if you would like to generate reports directly from pre-v4 databases (i.e. without reprocessing all log files for that month).

  • Visual Studio 2015 redistributable package must be installed prior to running Windows binaries. Download x86 or x64 package at this location:

  • Download new GeoIP city and country databases at either of these locations:

  • See Working with JavaScript Charts for more information about JavaScript charts.