Create Link in issue of document with API REST

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Develop a API REST for to link a document to specific issue

Now, is possible create documents(file, url, folders) but it is not possible create link for a issue of jira using API REST.

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  1. Danut M [StonikByte] repo owner


    This is possible through the JIRA API. You have to provide specific information through request's body as in the example below.

    See also


    In this example we link a document with Key (ID) = 519 to JIRA issue TST-14.


    JSON Body:

        "globalId": "stonikbyte:document-519",
        "application": {
          "type": "com.stonikbyte.jira.plugins.project-docs-plugin",
          "name": "Documents"
        "relationship": "linked documents",
        "object": {
          "url": "",
          "title": "519 - testfile.txt"


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