Never "in-progress" issues are included in cycle time (Cycle Time Trend gadget)

Issue #29 resolved
Wilko Nienhaus created an issue


  • The Cycle Time Trend Gadget is configured with options as follows:
Cycle starts: When the issue entered in a status that has category "In Progress"
Cycle ends: When the issue entered in status that has category "Done"
Show data table: ticked
  • And there is an issue which went straight from a status category "New" to "Done" (because the workflow allowed it) - in other words, the issue never entered a status with category "In Progress"


Saving and thus viewing the output of the Gadget And switching to the "Data" view to see individual issues

Then (actual result):

Issues are included which were never in a status that has category "In Progress" Such as the issue mentioned above, which went straight from "New" to "Done"

Expected result

Issues which never were in an "In Progress" status category should be excluded. (Alternatively, if there are use-cases where the current behaviour is useful and expected, it should be configurable which behaviour is desired)

Comments (3)

  1. Danut M [StonikByte] repo owner

    Hi Wilko. This is how it was supposed to work, but thinking more based on your feedback I think it makes more sense to include in calculation only the issues that reached the start status specified in the gadget settings. We plan to fix this in one of the upcoming versions.

  2. Danut M [StonikByte] repo owner

    This fix will be included in the next version (1.3.3), which we plan to release soon. The new behavior for the case mentioned in this ticket is that the issues which never were in an "In Progress" status category will be excluded.

    An RC build containing the fix is available in case you want to try it now.

    Please do the following to install the RC build:

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