QUESTION: How to retrieve custom field profile data in REST API

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Issue #22 resolved
James Guerin created an issue

Doing an API request for an Issue, including using the rendered fields expand doesn't seem to provide the custom field profile data.

Is there a way to retrieve that through the REST API?

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  1. Danut M [StonikByte] repo owner

    Hi James,

    The custom fields that you can add in Project Team are for user profiles not for issues. So the API calls for retrieving issues will not help. Same for API calls used for retrieving user data.

    Currently it is not possible to retrieve the data through an API but we plan to add an API in the add-on for retrieving the custom field data based on user-key and custom-field-id. I don't have a clear ETA at this moment, but it will be scheduled in one of the next versions of the add-on.


  2. James Guerin reporter

    Hi StonikByte,

    Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, for my use case I really only need user editable custom profiles fields that come through on the REST API; Though my team noted the Team functionality that is provided by this plugin is a great bonus to that.

    So please update me when this API functionality has been added and we will re-evaluate this plugin in the future. In the mean time I will look for a different solution.

    PS some suggestions on API calls: (naming is just an example)

    /projectteam/profile/<user> - Return full user profile with detailed project team fields

    /projectteam/profile/<user>/<custom_field_id> - Return custom field value

    /projectteam/team/<project-id> - Return the team list by role

    /projectteam/teams/<user> - Return all the teams a user is associated with


    Thanks again! and looking forward to an update.


  3. Danut M [StonikByte] repo owner

    A REST API for retrieving data about project teams and user custom fields is available since Project Team v3.5.0 released on 02-NOV-2017

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