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Issue #3 resolved
Danut M [StonikByte] repo owner created an issue

Ability to run a report that will export (in Excel format) the teams of the projects in terms of Project Name, Member, Role(s) as it is displayed on the Project Team tab

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  1. Danut M [StonikByte] reporter


    The Excel report is just for exporting information about your teams in form of members, roles, attributes, etc. You go to the Reports section of JIRA, run the report based on some input parameters (such as project name) and that's it. So there is no search involved.

    Actually, it is not clear for me the functionality that you asked about. Can you please be more specific and provide an use case as an example? I'm asking because it could be a nice feature that we may want to implement it in a next version.

    I'm looking forward for your reply.

    Thank you, Danut Manda

  2. Danut M [StonikByte] reporter

    Ability to export project team data (including user custom fields) in CSV format has been added in version 3.11.0 released on 02-NOV-2020.

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