CARTAgraphy app

CARTAgraphy provides an SMS interface to CARTA’s bus tracker API.

Clone the repository, run npm install, then node server.js.

Use Postman (or similar) to send a POST request to localhost:8080/api/incoming with the following key/value pairs* in the request body (x-www-form-urlencoded):

  • Body : e.g. When does #4 arrive at Hamilton Mall?
  • From : e.g. 4235550099

*Note that Body and From above follow the Twilio convention. These are interchangeable with message and phone respectively.

Git Submodules

This repository uses a git submodule to track sensitive information like API keys in a private repository. After cloning the cartagraphy repo, run git submodule init and git submodule update to clone the necessary submodule.

You’ll need access to the private mrkp/cartagraphy_keys repository on Bitbucket. Please email if you want to contribute to this repository and need access to the keys.

Alternatively, you could create your own keys repository and change the .gitmodules file in this repo to point to your own private repository. The following file needs to be at the root of your keys repository:


This file should look like this:

var carta_key = "your_carta_api_key_here";
module.exports = carta_key;

Or equivalent.

For information on acquiring an API key, see this GitHub issue.

CARTAgraphy is published under the MIT License.