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Urgent Update

Emilio González Montaña is back on the project again, see more details here:

He'll be working on 1.4.x and 2.x compatibility (hopefully pulling our fixes + sorting one one 2.x bug), so hit him up for that.

This place is not the place to ask for any updates, Emilio pretty much forbid me from working on this anymore. See more here:

Redmine Advanced Roadmap

Gives additional metrics on your roadmap page and support for milestones.

Metrics include:

  • % Project (version/milestone tickets vs entire project)
  • % Estimated Speed (your performance vs estimated speed)
  • Due In (Due in based on estimated time)
  • Due In (Estimated Speed) (Due in taking your current performance into account)

See screenshot below:


How To Install


See Full ChangeLog


Contributions get committed to branches of develop, unless they're critical hotfixes. For the time being please privately fork, follow the branching setup, and make a pull request.


Original Project Lead: Emilio González Montaña

Open Source Contributors:

  • William Roush
  • archonwang (Chinese translation)