Issue #5 resolved

Wrong paths in _form.rhtml

Jens Aceman
created an issue

When i clone your plugin from bitbucket the directory is named "redmine-inline-attach-screenshot" but in app/views/attachments/_form.html the paths are wrong {{{


<% content_for :header_tags do %> <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'attach_screenshot', :plugin => 'redmine_attach_screenshot' %> <%= javascript_include_tag 'attach_screenshot', :plugin => 'redmine_attach_screenshot' %> <% end %>


and {{{


'<applet codebase="<%= url_for(:only_path => false, :controller => 'welcome')%>plugin_assets/redmine_attach_screenshot/javascripts/" code="com.axmor.redmine.uploader.Uploader.class"


I changed that in my file to the correct path "redmine-inline-attach-screenshot" but now i get errors when i try to "attach". Please see my other issue for that.

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