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On Hold

I'm working on a couple other Redmine plugins (getting them up to date, fixing bugs, etc.) to familiarize myself with Ruby, feel free to pull this project and work on it if you want, but I wont be working on it till I get a firm grasp of Ruby and writing efficient code in it.

Redmine PCI PA-DSS Tracking

This plugin allows you to track each project's progress in it's PCI PA-DSS compliance. This allows your developers to leave notes on how each part is implemented, and keeps track of who changed what (no history yet, but possibly in the future).


Please submit issues to BitBucket's issue tracker.


Basic installation procedures here.

Language Packs

Explanation of how additional language documents are handled.


I'll add some kind of write up as to branching, and standard coding I'd like people to stick to if they want to contribute features (which I'll gladly add if they're optional to the end user or improve the software overall).